Back to Better

May 21, 2021

Written by Lesley Brandt

There’s no doubt we’re living in amazing times.  In November 2019 our firm celebrated a landmark anniversary and ended our best year to date.  Just 100 short days later our life’s work came to a halt due to the worldwide circumstance.  Life as we knew it changed, and unwillingly, like many of you, we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.  In March of 2020 we made a critical decision to take our experience, grit and commitment to the meeting and event industry and forge ahead doing business better, although different, than we ever have.  14 months ago we committed to lead our business and the meeting industry to get back to better.

Our simple and nimble strategy relies upon our existing strong, client-centric company culture.  Our commitment to the attendee experience, our excellent customer service and the discovery of our clients’ budgets, cultures and goals is the bedrock of who we are.  Amidst so much upheaval our principles haven’t changed, and simply won’t change, regardless of circumstance.  We continue to learn A LOT.  Some call it “drinking through a fire hose”; we call it “students of our industry”.  Take note of our key learnings:

1.       The future has always been uncertain.

2.       Greatness comes from getting out of our comfort zone.

3.       Amidst so much change so much remains the same.

4.       We are hard wired for connection – we crave human interaction.

5.       No one has experience under this new set of circumstances.

The planit, inc. team is excited to lead clients into a new meeting and event landscape.  While we can’t predict the future we can make plans based on what we know today.

We are working on three areas of concentration for moving planit inc. and our clients forward now and for, at a minimum, the next 6-12 months.

1.       Creating safe, successful and secure meetings and events centered around our meet well. meet safe. program.

2.       Utilizing our new in-house gifting department, creating one-of-a-kind gifting and meeting and event boxes to show appreciation, strengthen a client’s brand and create awareness of client’s business objectives in 2021 and beyond.

3.       Create strategic plans for meaningful event work through the planning of smaller boutique-type meetings, authentic incentive trips, exclusive golf and activity trips with or without a meeting attached and executive summits to bring teams together for possibly the first time since the pandemic begin.

Hope isn’t a strategy.  The team at planit, inc. is taking control of what we can and optimistically creating a safe future for the industry we love and the clients we serve. Let’s ensure that tomorrow is better than today. We were made to do hard things and there’s never been a better time to rise to a challenge.  Join us as we take the lead and not simply get back to normal……we will get back to better.

Written by Lesley Brandt

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