The Event Planning Loop

Apr 30, 2024

Written by McKenna Parks

In the world of event planning, every event is a fluid, circular progression from conception to execution and beyond. At planit inc., we don’t just see planning and producing an event as a series of steps; it’s a dynamic process where each phase seamlessly transitions to the next. For us, it’s not just about planning events—it’s about creating lasting impressions.

Building a solid foundation before the event

Long before the event begins, the groundwork must be laid. We start by delving into our clients’ ethos—their budget, culture, and goals. These pillars serve as the foundation of collaboration, enabling us to plug in as an extension of their team and meet our clients exactly where they are in their event planning journey for optimal results.

The flexibility of our event producers is unique, as we understand that the internal processes of each of our clients call for individualized approaches. After over 25 years of business, we’ve created and honed invaluable resources to organize the planning process, which we adjust and apply to each of our clients’ events to ensure they’re upheld to the highest planit inc. standard.

As perpetual students of the industry, we consistently seek out ideas to elevate attendee experiences and add efficiencies, such as unique activations and cutting-edge AI implementations. When clients partner with us, they receive the total bandwidth and brainpower of our entire team of trailblazers who have decades of event planning experience and diverse, complementary skill sets. We use our combined strengths to create unique, memorable events perfectly aligned with the client’s budget, culture and goals.

Covering the event like a blanket

As the event unfolds, it’s not just about being present on-site; it’s about proactive communication to ensure all the puzzle pieces fit together and meet our high standards. Our team closely reviews and monitors every event detail, from set-up to load-out. We are agile and experienced, and our proactive approach allows us to quickly address potential hiccups, giving our clients the reassurance and confidence that their event is in capable hands so they can focus on other essential aspects.

Our commitment to unparalleled customer service and polished execution doesn’t go unnoticed. Our comprehensive approach and zone coverage ensures we cover every detail, reflecting our inherent drive to go above and beyond to wow clients and attendees. We genuinely value each event and will work tirelessly on our clients’ behalf to ensure each touchpoint positively reflects their brand identity.

Reflecting and renewing

The planit inc. event journey doesn’t end when the last guest leaves the venue. We take time to meet with our clients for a debrief—a space to celebrate successes, identify areas for improvement, and gather valuable, two-way feedback. We carefully craft feedback surveys for attendees to share their direct experiences with multiple angles of the event and review event metrics from several data sources so we can dissect critical improvements to ensure our clients’ brands are being upheld in the highest regard.

The feedback and fresh ideas gained during this reflection phase serve as a springboard for the next pre-event planning phase. Even with recurring events, there is no rinse and repeat with planit inc. We strive to deliver fresh, unique experiences every time, keeping attendees eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Moving forward together

Flexibility is our forte at planit inc. Whether our clients are starting fresh or realizing they need assistance in the middle of their event planning journey, we seamlessly integrate ourselves as an extension of their team. Our extensive network of vetted vendors and our team’s collective expertise ensures we can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet and exceed goals, regardless of the phase of the event planning loop.

So, whether you’re at the beginning, middle, or end of planning your next event, contact us today and let us know how we can best assist you.

Written by McKenna Parks

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