How Event Communication Has Changed

Oct 29, 2021

Written by Madison Arrowsmith

When clients enlist planit inc. to plan and execute their event, no matter the size and scope, we recognize they trust us with more than the event itself—it is their entire brand. Successful events bolster engagement with and perception of both the organization and brand. Increased use of digital content by attendees—social media posts to share photos and videos, event hashtags and more—serves as a prime example of the layered way people now attend virtual, hybrid and in-person events.

Communication has always been, and will always be, the most important aspect of events, no matter the size or format.

Great communication instills confidence, trust and a level of certainty, especially during uncertain times. In recent years, we’ve seen communication needs evolve in an unprecedented way. Communication is now front and center, detailed and frequent to maintain safety and security for all involved in our events. Gone are the days of the fine print of protocols and rules at the bottom of the program—we are now working in a front-and-center, bold print communication environment.

Through our meet well. meet safe. initiative, a fluid event strategy program formed in 2020 based on considerations of health and safety, the clear and concise communication of policies and event standards has helped us get back to in-person events with instilled confidence from all angles.

It all boils down to this—the health and wellbeing of all involved in the event is our top priority.

We don’t just say it; we put it into practice because we truly want to make sure everyone is safe. Thus, we place a great deal of care into every detail and decision. In addition to the client and attendees, this includes our team, partners and vendors.

Recently, we implemented meet well. meet safe. for the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Summit, an annual conference event for commercial real estate industry professionals. We heavily communicated with the event audience ahead of time on what to expect, including policies and procedures to inform of precautions and protocols. We know, through experience, that this level of transparent communication not only gives attendees a heads up of what the policies are, but it helps them feel more comfortable being there, or it helps them decide to attend virtually instead.

The 2021 CRE Summit has earned our meet well. meet safe. seal, which indicates the full implementation of planit inc.’s event standards and thorough safety and health protocols.

With meet well. meet safe. in place for events, communication begins early and occurs often through digital channels, including event website updates, social media posts and emails to attendees. At the event itself, we have signs throughout the space that mirror the digital communications we have shared.

In an age when things can shift at the drop of a hat, communication saves the day.

planit inc. prides itself in having plans A through D to ensure safe and effective events can happen regardless of what may come. Communication is at the forefront of each of our meet well. meet safe. plans. Even if the change, such as a transition to an online event or moving an outdoor event inside due to weather, does not come to fruition, we have found it is better to inform everyone involved of the possibility that it could happen. Then, if something needs to change, everyone is already in the know.

Our goal is to execute 100 percent of the client’s vision, but things can happen, especially as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Being extremely decisive, confident in our decisions, and sharing the details in a clear, concise and transparent way is what helps keep the ship afloat when sailing through rough waters.

Over the last two years, it has been a mainly virtual event landscape. We are fortunate to work with wonderful audio-visual partners to have that added infrastructure in case we need it. We’re always prepared to swiftly move to virtual gatherings as necessary, and get the information out rapidly and clearly to attendees.

Ultimately, clients look to us, as event experts, to make the difficult decision in the name of keeping everyone safe. We use press releases, promotions, social media, emails and website updates to widely communicate changes and make attendees aware of what is happening and why. Giving the attendees a true sense of why things are happening helps them understand and maintains trust.

While we are getting back to in-person events, we continue to communicate them as hybrid events with in-person and virtual components. This helps build a path for an easy shift to virtual if needed and engages those uncomfortable with meeting in person.

Our level of expertise in communication and planning is what makes planit inc. the best of the best. While you are thinking of your event speakers, content and brand needs—we are thinking of all the behind-the-scenes logistics, including the attendee experience, safety standards and vendor partners.

We plan and execute events day in and day out, making us a highly valued resource to assist in any aspect, from table assignments to planning an entire conference.

We are the premier experts at what we do, and we do it on a global scale. Get in touch with us to tap into our great insight and experience to help execute your upcoming programs and events.

Written by Madison Arrowsmith

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