Here. There. Everywhere!

Jan 31, 2023

Written by Olivia Downing

Here. There. Everywhere! Our team members travel across the U.S. and abroad to WOW clients with the production of memorable, meaningful, and unique meetings and events. In 2022, we traveled to 51 cities with Boston, Orlando, Phoenix and Dallas being our most visited.

Hot travel spots and trends

In 2023, large-scale conferences are making a comeback. We are actively assisting clients to plan meetings and events in various cities. Some of these cities are places we frequented in 2022, like Boston and Orlando. Arizona also remains a popular destination for traveling events. It’s an outdoor oasis, especially during those colder months in other parts of the U.S., and is ideal for outdoor receptions, corporate retreats, and wellness activations.

Business meetings and events are becoming longer than in previous years as organizations are extending their agendas to infuse excitement and tourism into their programs. Hosting conferences in different cities immerses attendees in diverse cultures and experiences they would not otherwise encounter. Additionally, choosing a desirable location could be beneficial for attendees who choose to combine a family vacation with work travel. Trends and popular locations aside, selecting a successful destination ultimately comes down to the goals for the specific event and what will be the best fit for your particular event audience.

What to know before you go

You’ve chosen your destination. What’s next? The advantage of selecting an enticing city or location for your meeting or event is that there is a built-in layer of excitement to engage your attendees from the moment you announce the dates and location.

At planit inc., we keep attendees’ attention by communicating details on what the area and agenda offers. Another tactic we use to drum up interest and maintain engagement is by sending out travel packages. It’s exciting to receive a custom gift with a fan and sunscreen in the middle of winter to be reminded of an upcoming trip to Orlando or somewhere else with plenty of outdoor opportunities.

When planning an out-of-town meeting or event, you are a part-time tour guide and an event planner. During the pre-production, there are many questions to ask and aspects to consider to ensure your attendees are top of mind. Is there a direct flight? Is there an airport near the venue, a free shuttle, or how will they travel from point A to point B? What restaurants are nearby or what can they do in their downtime? Putting yourself in their shoes allows you to create a positive attendee experience from start to finish.

Clients will often come to us for our depth and breadth of experience to work through the multi-layered planning that goes into successful travel events.

The Planit Inc. difference

For nearly 25 years, planit inc. has produced thousands of meetings and events in various locations around the U.S. and internationally. Because of this we have built a wide network of connections and have the industry insight to create better event outcomes for clients.

We are planning experts. We double and triple-communicate with partners and vendors to keep everyone up to speed on the details and expectations of the event. Our team diligently ensures that expectations are met or exceeded when working with a new vendor.

However, even with the best-laid-out plan, there are bound to be curveballs. It is impossible to control the uncontrollable. For example, air travelers in 2022 experienced more flight delays, cancellations and changes as people began to travel more frequently.

At planit inc., we prepare multiple alternatives to overcome and adapt to common travel issues and worst-case event scenarios. We are an extension of your team throughout every step, whether we are assisting you on-site or remotely managing the event. We also offer a conference resource line to aid clients and attendees in navigating and resolving event conflicts. When you hire planit inc., you hire an entire team with decades of experience planning successful meetings and events.

Our unity is out strength

Being on-site and networking are as valuable to our team as to your team and attendees. Seeing how processes differ from market to market sparks new ideas within our team and broadens our experience base.

While our top priority is producing events that WOW our clients, team members enjoy the bonding experience that travel affords us. We get to know one another deeper through the concentrated time we spend on-site working side-by-side. This strengthens teamwork at the end of the day and forges new levels of team cohesion, which benefits our clients with even more WOW infused into our event elements.

Our bags are packed, and planit inc. is ready to assist you with planning your next meeting or event at a premier location. Contact us today for a consultation.

Written by Olivia Downing

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