Inside planit inc.

Mar 16, 2023

Written by Bailee Guethlein

When describing planit inc.’s culture, positivity and collaboration shine through as key tenets of the unspoken values woven into everything we touch. Anyone listening in at a planit inc. team meeting would immediately notice our encouragement and eagerness to assist each other. It is just who we are and what we do.

From the first day at planit inc. well into the future, our team members learn from each other and our collective experiences as event professionals.

Variety is the spice of life, and every day at planit inc. is unique. Working as a planit inc. team member is an empowering adventure built upon a strong, team-oriented culture.

Unlike planning for a specific type of event, like a wedding, or planning reoccurring annual events with the same format, as a full-service event planning organization, we produce events of all shapes and sizes. This results in the uniqueness of daily duties and an endless cycle of fresh experiences. And as a well-seasoned, collaborative team, we benefit from this variety by taking information and ideas away from every event to aid other team members and future planning.

Decades of experience as leaders in the event planning industry fuels our keen ability to troubleshoot and forecast contingencies for last-minute changes. New team members quickly learn to confidently steer the ship through stormy waters with the endless support of planit inc. colleagues who have navigated similar situations. We trade off teaching and learning from each other, diligently working to uplift our collective success. It feels good to empower others; any individual growth we can facilitate benefits our entire team and clients.

We are agile and ready to assist one another within a flexible work environment. On any given day, we could work remotely from an event location, in the office, or at a home office to meet current needs and workflow.

The camaraderie found at planit inc. is second to none. Beyond the day-to-day interactions among our team and clients—we like to work some fun into the mix to keep our bond strong and spark creativity. So, we make it a point to gather quarterly and do activities as a team to cut loose, such as crafting or hitting golf balls at the local driving range. We will also gather informally with each other to socialize occasionally.

Our positivity powers results.

The best part about our culture is how our values as a team pour into the “WOW” factor we deliver to our clients. We are always willing and eager to assist clients at every step as a full-fledged partner spending the time, effort and care needed to produce the best event experience.

We are “Nebraska Nice” and always lead with kindness both internally among the team and externally among clients, vendors and attendees. Additionally, we put our personal touch on everything. Whether it’s an event of 200 or 20,000 people, we are not just checking items off a standard “to-do” list. Instead, we are thinking outside the box and executing a comprehensive, tailored plan to ensure every detail is in place to reach event goals completely.

We are ready to assist you in reaching your future goals, whether it’s an event you are planning or you are looking for an exciting career opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about our Midwest mindset and opportunities for collaboration.


Written by Bailee Guethlein

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