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Jun 22, 2023

Written by Katie Sullivan

Conducting thorough research and finding event resources is a tenet of every successful event planner in our industry. Florists, caterers, decorations, entertainment—every aspect of events comes down to sourcing.

Over my 15+ year career at planit inc., I have assisted in carving out thousands of details by connecting event needs to the right sources. Each event has a distinctive style, and successfully sourcing the perfect vendors and providers to match the overall vibe is the backbone of successful planning. We take immense pride in assisting our clients in connecting with the best resources to meet and exceed their event goals and vision.

At planit inc., our team is sourcing several aspects of an event daily

We start by sourcing the big pieces of the puzzle, such as the city and venue. We are connected with vendors and agents in most major cities that aid in determining who will best align with our client’s event aesthetic, details, theme, and goals. Sometimes the entire event plan hinges on a specific date, venue, entertainer, etc. Having the details uncovered ahead of time assists our team in putting the best options forward for our clients as the planning process continues.

Sourcing also allows us to present clients with choices for events and ensures we can find the resource that best fits within the budget and other event variables. Take sourcing transportation for an upcoming event in Dallas, for example. planit inc. worked to decide if a trolley or a charter bus would be the best fit to transport event attendees. To determine this, we communicated with multiple trolley and charter bus companies to see what cost fits into the client’s budget and if it works with their desired atmosphere. We also vetted if it would be a timely method of transportation, as trolley buses take longer than charter buses. Doing this legwork beforehand allows us to provide a complete picture and make the best choices for the event.

Sourcing goes beyond online searching and relies heavily on relationships and connections

Through our global network, we can connect to vetted sources to meet any event’s needs or specifications. From custom door hangers to ice sculptures, planit inc. has connections to source it all.

Searching online and reading reviews can be time-consuming, especially for small internal teams working to plan company events. While an online imprint remains a resource for information on potential sources, word-of-mouth recommendations can often present a clearer picture. We work with several professional networking organizations, such as the National Association of Catering and Events and the International Live Events Association, which serve as great resources in connecting us to the most suitable vendors. In addition, Destination Management Companies (DMC) also serve as conduits for source connections. For example, planit inc. serves as the DMC for Omaha, where our offices are headquartered and can navigate the best event resources in the city. In addition, we are connected to Destination Management Companies (DMCs) around the world that serve as a conduit for course connections. These connections help us navigate the best event resources in the respective city.

There’s nothing we cannot source. We always have a keen eye on emerging trends, and as industry leaders that plan hundreds of annual events on a global scale, we develop a solid plan, innovate, and make it happen. planit inc. also has a longstanding history with several vendors, entertainers, and teams who assist us in delivering the WOW for every client and event.

Ultimately, partnering with an event planner can assist in reaching goals in a stress-free manner. As your partner, we manage every detail so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

With our vast contact database and decades of experience, planit inc. could be the only source you need to seek out for planning and producing a successful event—anywhere in the world. Contact us today to learn more.

Written by Katie Sullivan

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