meet well. meet safe. in 2023

Jul 24, 2023

Written by Camille Adair

planit inc. developed meet well. meet safe. to ensure elevated health, safety, and flexibility in events. Amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, there was one constant: people have an inherent need for human connection. planit inc. kept this connection strong by evaluating current risks and bringing creative solutions to the table. By swiftly acknowledging the circumstances in 2020 and welcoming changes that rocked this industry, this initiative has remained an integral and customizable function of planit inc.’s day-to-day planning processes for the past three years.

While planit inc. continues to prioritize health, well-being and safety, we have met a culture shift in the event industry. This shift has focused our aim on incorporating more principles that expand upon what it means to meet well. meet safe., including wellness and sustainability.

Leading with wellness.

Attending an event in 2023, you will likely find a more intentional and nourishing environment. Inclusive and balanced menus, frequent breaks, designated quiet areas and opportunities to be physically active are just a few examples of how we encourage wellness.

In short, there is more breathing room built into events.

planit inc. is thoughtful when crafting an attendee’s journey throughout the event and leads with attendees’ physical and mental well-being when planning the event flow. Attendees might begin an all-day conference with yoga and a healthy breakfast. Then, take in the keynote speaker with a quiet reflection period afterward. We have found that this increase in intentional wellness fosters optimal learning and better information retention for event attendees.

Prioritizing sustainability.

Sustainability continues to be a top priority for planit inc. and our clients. As part of meet well. meet safe., we work to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.

For example, planit inc. has partnered annually with Right at Home, an organization with a mission to improve the quality of care for the older adult population, for their “Home Improvement” conference. In 2023, we brainstormed with Right at Home to integrate additional sustainable practices into the Home Improvement conference, such as donating stage furniture to an area nonprofit after the event, using reusable sponsor signage and reducing plastic waste using water stations instead of bottled water.

We aim to establish these sustainable practices in event locations across the country. While our efforts vary based on the client and event needs, we assist clients in finding solutions as often as possible. The planit inc. team adapts and modifies these best practices to cater to each event location & work together across events in every geography.

Adding sustainable practices can both reduce waste and save money. We are always looking for additional ways to creatively reduce, reuse and recycle for our clients’ tailored event specifics.

A top suggestion from our team is to commission branded items without a date that can be reused annually. We also encourage intentional gifting to event attendees that will be treasured and not trashed. Instead of a plastic trinket that is likely going to end up in the landfill, a donation in their name to a meaningful nonprofit might make a more positive impact on both the attendee and the community. These efforts go beyond gifting and physical items, as we also encourage the use of a mobile app and printing name badges on-site to minimize waste and recycle materials following the event.

Bringing it all together.

The way we achieve it all is through meet well. meet safe.—our evolving guide to producing an event that leaves attendees, clients and vendors safe and satisfied. It begins with purposeful client conversations to keep safety and wellness at the core of the event flow. Then, our experienced and knowledgeable team plans from A-Z: building contingencies to mitigate any issues and stay within budget. After each event, we gather feedback and incorporate it into future planning.

While meet well. meet safe. began as a response to a moment in time, this initiative echoes planit inc.’s attention to detail and continued dedication to keep attendees in good health and engaged at every program. We strive to work with clients, partners and vendors to reach and exceed the standards of meet well. meet safe. consistently.

Contact us today to discuss how planit inc. and meet well. meet safe. can assist you with your next event.

Written by Camille Adair

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