Team Approach to Professional Development

May 27, 2022

Written by Michaela Proper

Professional development is the heart and driving force behind all planit inc.’s operations, supporting our extensive event calendar year after year. Our team of event professionals are constantly developing skills and expanding horizons to bring the best experiences and brightest ideas to clients.  

We’ve set the table for personal growth and professional success.

Approximately half of our team members began their careers as planit inc. interns, starting as event assistants and learning on the job through onsite experiences and opportunities. Our event assistants don’t fetch our coffee, dry cleaning or complete our errands—they are full-fledged team members, working on planning, organizing and executing events alongside our full-time staff.  

We hire interns twice a year and ask for a six-month commitment to ensure they can see event planning from beginning to end. Event assistants complete a lot of research, communicate with clients and vendors, and support onsite staffing, where they see the plan come to life. When scheduling allows, we take them on the road to out-of-state events. 

While building overall event planning skills, our event assistants also show growth in social skills that are an invaluable foundation for success in every field. Some of our favorite feedback is when they share their development of confidence in communicating in professional settings by phone, email and in person. At the end of the internship term, the on-the-job training can lead to an extended internship or employment as a full-time team member. 

Professional development takes center stage in our company culture.

Professional development goes well beyond our internship program. Within the ever-changing and evolving event industry, there is constant knowledge to be learned in a variety of areas.  

Teamwork continues to be planit inc.’s best resource and creates pathways for ongoing training and professional development. Our team stands by each other, providing support and guidance as needed to best any challenge together as one unit. Through this culture of comfort, our team members know they can grow and develop their skills without feeling limited along the way. The result is continuous professional growth through internal, reciprocal mentorship. 

We encourage everyone to be an advocate for themselves and express interest in skills or areas they would like to build or expand through the mentorship of another team member. When a spark for learning falls outside of our internal expertise, we seek out external sources such as seminars, courses and continued education opportunities. Skills gleaned externally by team members stand to benefit everyone on the team as we learn from each other.  

Additionally, planit inc. encourages staff to attend professional development opportunities in our community. For example, a group of our team members attend the Young Professionals Summit in Omaha each year. They network with fellow professionals and gain fresh inspiration and ideas through the speakers at the event, benefitting themselves and everyone. 

We are always seeking talented individuals to join our team at planit inc. Contact us to learn more about available career opportunities and our internship program.  

Written by Michaela Proper

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