Jul 8, 2022

Written by McKenna Parks, Sydney Oehm

The difference is digital for today’s events and meetings. Online registration, virtual events, on-demand viewing, mobile apps, event websites and QR codes—scalable technology that elevates experiences and streamlines planning has become more commonplace in the past few years. In fact, digital transformation has accelerated in all areas of business and life and continues to do so rapidly.

What is attend!t?

As events turned virtual in 2020, planit inc. further adapted its digital event planning platform, attend!t, to meet the varying client needs and budgets and to implement more fast-paced flexibility. The proprietary platform has been evolving for nearly two decades and now incorporates all planit inc. digital services under one umbrella.

The fully customizable platform includes everything needed for the digital aspects of event planning and execution, including the branded website with information about the event, an all-encompassing registration site, event communication, hotline assistance, onsite check-in and mobile app services.

What are the benefits?

  1. attend!t is affordable and seamlessly integrates into planit inc.’s menu of event planning services.
  2. The platform is fully customizable and has the capability to meet all digital needs for every event format.
  3. attend!t helps bring your big idea to fruition and reach goals without the constant hands-on technology monitoring by your in-house team. planit inc.’s team manages all the intricate digital details for you so your focus can remain on your organization and brand. No adding text to a picture at midnight or worrying about if registration works correctly. We have it covered.
  4. Adding digital aspects to events can spell growth in attendance and brand awareness, and you will come away with more data, analytics and feedback to help inform future events and marketing.

How does it attend!t compare to other digital options?

planit inc.’s attention to detail and customer service reputation is incomparable and has intangible value to clients. When we work on a digital site or application using attend!t, our event producers oversee the entire process to ensure its full success. Instead of working backward based on platform functionality, we work forward from each client’s unique goals.

Our team’s complete management of the digital aspects using attend!t results in faster and more intuitive design, customization, flexibility and user experience. The platform can also integrate with other software to incorporate marketing tools already in use by our clients.

What does the future hold for digital aspects of event planning?

The demand for omnichannel experiences at hybrid and in-person events is rapidly increasing. Attendees expect both online and in-person aspects at events. As an ever-evolving software, attend!t meets and greets all current and future event trends at the speed of change. From QR codes and online agendas to livestreaming at in-person events, planit inc. has all aspects covered with its experienced team and trailblazing attend!t platform.

If you are interested in learning more about our integrated platform to enhance and streamline your next event, we want to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.

Written by McKenna Parks, Sydney Oehm

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