The Event Producers’ Secret Ingredients

Sep 14, 2022

Written by Emily Zetterman

The role of a planit inc. event producer has multiple similarities with the mastermind chefs who dream up delicious gourmet meals at top restaurants. At any given moment, several pots are on the stove in a flurry of activity—all playing a part in a symphony of collaboration and resulting in a top-tier dining experience. 

planit inc. event producers meld the ingredients for exceptional meetings and events, whether they occur in a virtual, hybrid or in-person space. The team works in sync to strategize and execute successful events of all sizes, budgets, and all business silos.

Growing up, I was always the go-to event coordinator and social butterfly among my friends and family. This spark for event planning led to my first job in the field at age 15, where I helped coordinate and plan details for small group gatherings, mostly children’s birthday parties. While working to earn my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Event Management from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, I worked as a subcontractor for planit inc. and gained experience through service in various, event-related roles.

From my early days as a subcontractor, I learned planit inc.’s team of detail-oriented, polished, competent and highly nimble event professionals are “in it” together. We believe teamwork is the secret ingredient to being successful as individual professionals. planit inc. team members consistently lean on one another for expertise, advice and professional development; we encourage cross-training based on personal career interests and experience.

The planit inc. culture and cross-training opportunities have fully nurtured my career—from subcontractor to event associate/intern, part-time team member and now as a full-time event producer.

At planit inc., every day brings unique tasks, and you quickly learn to expect the unexpected. There is no standard template when it comes to inventing and executing events.

What many don’t see is the interlinking of team members and the tremendous thought and planning our event producers put into each event. From a safety perspective, with our meet well. meet safe. initiative, to thinking through worst-case and alternative scenarios, we go beyond “Plan A” to consider Plans B-E. We crunch numbers to stay within budgets, develop event layouts and craft decor, design user-friendly digital platforms, communicate with vendors, clients, attendees and much more.

By far, the best part of being an event producer is witnessing events’ real-time impact. The looks on attendees’ faces and the feelings they experience when connecting, networking and supporting a compelling cause are incredible and a feel-good moment for us as orchestrators. Nothing compares to seeing an entire room listening and learning from a keynote speaker at a conference, the buzzing of conversations and laughter of colleagues brought together, or the feeling of an evening reception full of live music. We are the “wow” experts and love seeing the successful result of all the detailed planning and execution.

We are proud to support clients in achieving their goals to serve thoughtful, detailed and successful meetings and events. planit inc. event producers are steeped in immense flexibility and knowledge—the secret sauce to bringing client events to the next level. Contact us today to learn how we can help you develop your customized recipe for successful gatherings!

Written by Emily Zetterman

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